KRZYSZTOFSOŁOWIEJ What worlds there?

Opening: 30.04.2010, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 21.05.2010


(…) Sołowiej is one of a few contemporary artists who uses aesthetics and artistry in a way conscious of its meaning and simultaneously of its limitations. It refers to a visual image, the area of major importance for the perception of the world and, at the same time, seriously impoverished and trivialized. His attachment to (…)


Opening: 26.03.2010, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 21.04.2010


On the basis of the archives of the Biała Gallery, Mariusz Tarkawian drew the works exhibited at Biała in the 25 years of its history.

Biała history 1985-2010. 25 years of the Biała Gallery

Opening: 26.02.2010, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 12.03.2010


The exhibition of documentation, prints, posters and publications of the Biała Gallery accompanied by the presentation of films is an attempt to look into its history and to asses its artistic significance in the light of social, political and, what’s most important, cultural transformation as an independent gallery run by Anna Nawrot and Jan Gryka. (…)

IRENA NAWROT Recycled Photographs

Opening: 22.01.2010, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 19.02.2010


Irena Nawrot has been cooperating closely with Biała from the start (the first exhibition she took part in was A Tower of Women). For many years in her work as a photographer she has been referring to human body, images of herself and her loved ones, keeping track of the passing of time. Some of (…)