Otwarcie: 16.12.2011, godz.: 18.00

Czynna do: 28.10.2011


Marzanna Morozewicz’s works prepared especially for the Biała Gallery are reminiscences of her recent journey around eastern China. The inspiration both for the works and the title of the exhibition were Chinese gardens. The gardens placed inside courtyards were designed in such a way that the windows surrounding them would “open” the sights and images (…)

Sigrun Jakubaschke Wandmalerei

Otwarcie: 7.10.2011, godz.: 18.00

Czynna do: 4.11.2011


The paintings of Sigrun Jakubaschke, made directly on the walls of the Biała Gallery, refer to a number of sources. She is inspired by Chinese calligraphy and symmetrical floral motifs so characteristic for old etchings. She documents the collections from the so-called cabinets of curiosities, that is collections of art and curiosities from the world (…)

Hege Lønne Equivalent Forms

Otwarcie: 22.06.2011, godz.: 18.00

Czynna do: 15.07.2011


“Equivalent Forms”, Hege Lønne’s individual exhibition presents sculptures and video projections that make up an installation prepared especially for The Biała Gallery. Equivalent Forms combine the language of nature with the language of art and emphasize the equality of natural and artificial elements representing “the artificiality of nature” and “naturalness of art”. All works presented (…)

Jadwiga Sawicka Life and Style

Alicja Czernecka-Mikrut, Marek Horwat, Andrzej Juszczyk, Lila Kalinowska and Students of the Faculty of Art of the University of Rzeszów: Paulina Dębosz, Bartosz Fic, Paweł Granatowski, Patrycja Ochała, Piotr Różycki

Otwarcie: 13.05.2011, godz.: 18.00


“Life and Style” is an exhibition about art and everyday life, or the way you look at life and the way you look. To make it more objective and/or attractive I have asked a couple of friends for their reflections and/or impressions on the subject. Jadwiga Sawicka (born 1959, an artist from Przemyśl) – a (…)

Henk Visch I like the way you are

Otwarcie: 25.03.2011, godz.: 18.00

Czynna do: 21.04.2011


Henk Visch is one of the most renowned Dutch artists. He creates sculptures, objects, drawings. He made a couple of dozen of projects in public space around the world. Visch’s art is subject to many interpretations. His works, which are either figurative representations, or combinations of geometric forms, invite us to enter an enigmatic visual (…)

Danuta Kuciak Poplife

Otwarcie: 25.02.2011, godz.: 18.00

Czynna do: 17.03.2011


For a couple of years now Danuta Kuciak has been creating photographs built around her own image. Whether it is a simple portrait or a woman’s figure presented in a wider context, the model is the same – it is her own reflection in a mirror. Continuing the tradition of self-portrait, she automatically, as it (…)

Karolina Komorowska Buble

Otwarcie: 21.01.2011, godz.: 18.00

Czynna do: 11.02.2011


Looking at Karolina Komorowska’s works, what we instantly notice is the clash of two forces. Those two vectors pressing against each other seem to be the right representation of the artistic strategy she confronts us with. In her painting we will find traces of trompe l’oeil, an art technique which aim is to “deceive the (…)