Opening: 14.12.2018, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 25.01.2019, opening hours: MON-SAT 12.00-18.00

12.2018 - 210x99 - ZAPROSZENIE_2.cdr

The exhibition of Monika Chlebek and Dawid Czycz is their second joint exhibition of the same title. The first one took place in Dresden in 2016. The joint venture turned out to be an active area of exploration and it became a creative challenge they would like to continue in a much wider form in Biała Gallery. The concept of the whole is based on the gray scale formula, while the thematic scope of the exhibition includes everything that is between black and white. Monika Chlebek presents paintings, collages and photographs as well as a spatial installation thematically referring to the title of the exhibition. Dawid Czycz, on the other hand, displays a few minimalist installations made of sheet steel, which is equipped with sound systems and generates „gray noise”. This original concept of sound becomes a kind of sound chaos that arouses anxiety, which significantly increases the impact of Monika Chlebek’s paintings. Another extended part of the exhibition also is Dawid’s project entitled „Black Noise” and as described by the author himself: The Black Noise project consists of images, still-life compositions and sound installations. My intention is to create a situation in which separate elements constitute a synesthetic reception. An inseparable element of the project is black, which, unlike other colors, absorbs the full spectrum of visible light. It is a value allowing to show disappearance, sinking into the abyss. Images, collages and photographs of Monika Chlebek are a harmonious structure that bring some kind of anxiety or tension, disharmony, disorder or discomfort. It’s about noise as a creation value.

Jan Gryka