ende neu

MACIEJ SIEŃCZYK On a Desert Island

Opening: 15.03.2013, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 5.04.2013


We have the pleasure of inviting you to witness the unveiling of a new exhibition by Maciej Sieńczyk entitled “On a Desert Island”, which will be presented at the Biała Gallery as part of the ende neu series. Both the title and the stories we will see at the exhibition come from the artist’s latest comic book. Sieńczyk’s art is a truly multidimensional phenomena transcending the traditional formula of a comic, therefore, provoking us to reach for different means of presenting it to the audience. At the exhibition the pages of his album transform into an audio-visual presentation. This way the book becomes a monumental figure and captures the reader inside the story. It achieves it in two ways: visually by incorporating the oversize pages into the walls of the gallery and by “looping” the story (its ending transcends into its beginning) as well as audibly – we can listen to a recording with an interpretation of the text by a professional actor Jacek Brzeziński. The looped recording accompanies the images in the neighbouring space.

The whole enterprise focuses around the key event from the book, that is the shipwreck, therefore reveals a slightly different, less obvious side of this peculiar publication. It presents it as an adventure story filled with highly visual scenes. Other stories are born from the main plot. Some reach back to the events from outside the island, others show what will happen with the castaway on his new, seemingly uninhabited territory.

Maciej Sieńczyk (born 1972). Graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Arts. Visual artist, illustrator, author of comics. He cooperates with Lampa monthly magazine and the Raster Gallery. He created illustrations to three books by Dorota Masłowska and the new edition of Lubiewo by Michał Witkowski. In 2005 he published his first comic book entitled Hydriola and in 2009 Wrzątkun. He is now working on his fourth book.