Something Ends Because Something Begins


Opening: 24.05.1013, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 31.06.2013


It is the last exhibition before the gallery returns to the newly renovated building at 12 Peowiaków Street. It is a symbolic farewell with a place that has been the seat of the gallery since 2009.

During this time, our cosy rooms have hosted a couple of dozens of exhibitions created by various artists from Lublin and other Polish and foreign cities. The Art Yard has helped us to extend the gallery outside of the building.

The exhibition presents works by Anna Nawrot and Jan Gryka, who were supported by Piotr Wysocki and Piotr Pękala, members of the gallery’s team.

Since the beginnings of the 80s Nawrot and Gryka have put together exhibitions in white (the name of the gallery “Biała” means “white” in Polish). She would use
write texts on white sheets, he, on the other hand, used to create intricate installations made of flour. Almost 30 years have passed and their joint exhibition is an explosion of colours with hundreds of fake flours, ornamented ties, thousands of crochet squares.

Visitors will seek refuge in an especially created corner, where a film contemplating the neighbouring Art Yard will be presented.

The impressive quantity of themes gathered throughout the long period of Biała’s existence creates the atmosphere of a good place to meet and spend some time immersed in art and the gallery’s history. That is why the interior resembles a community centre, a social club or a reading room.

Regular transformations that take place in the gallery, like painting the walls, installing the art or vernissages, that’s what every day life looks like over here. Now is the time to relax for a while, until we move to a different place again.