Irena Nawrot Wrinkles

Opening: 16.09.2016, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 14.10.2016, opening hours: Mon.-Sat. 12.00-18.00

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This is the largest presentation of works by the artist from Lublin. For over thirty years Irena Nawrot has consistently kept visualizing time and its transience, the frailty of life – all based on images of herself and of her family members. The nature of her photographs from the 1980s and 1990s relates to the genre of staged photography. These analog, black and white prints repeatedly colored with water paints soon became characteristic of Nawrot’s art. Her later works included hundreds of duplicated images sewn together with thread to form ornamental circles and ellipses. The biggest work presented at the exhibition not only reveals strong autobiographical slant but it simultaneously acts as an artistic tableau, a sort of a mosaic, a collage and a photo album. Worth mentioning are also short clip-like videos made thirty years ago.

Wrinkles make us immerse ourselves in time. Childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age present in hundreds of colorful images that crawled up the gallery walls are the opportunity to look into life, fate and the past, filtered through art.

The corridor features new drawings by Mariusz Tarkawian, as part of the artist’s on-going project History of Art and Civilization Test.