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The Matahari Project

Looking for inspiration and creative work, Alicja Łukasiak and Grzegorz Drozd have decided to set out for an artistic journey through the islands of Indonesia. For this project, the artists are using a car which they transformed so that it has become their home, studio and means of transport. In the next few months they are going to paint, draw, take photographs and make videos, as well as keep a travel journal. Matahari is created by artists who are open to the unknown, who seek to connect with exotic – at least from European perspective – communities, and who are convinced that there is balance between Western and Eastern cultures.

The effect of the artists’ work and experience will be presented at the exhibition at the Biała Gallery, scheduled for December 9, 2016


Project is the result of cooperation between the Biała Gallery and the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.



Road to Animists 22.06.2016

2016-06-22 16:06:31
  We are on Sumba Island. We left Sape harbor on Sumbawa with a 27-hour delay. We spent the night on Pertamina, but the rest of the people were camping on bare ground with all their belongings within the reach of their hands and their animals tied with strings to their legs. There are more (...)

From Java to Lombok

2016-06-13 16:19:13
nr.11 matahari
Lombok, Indonesia, Friday, June 13   Even though we are still in Indonesia, we have just found out that Art&Business magazine probably no longer exists. Much of what we considered as stable started to fade away like ice cubes in a drink sipped on the Serendipity Beach. Our Thai friend got mad, because it is (...)

1990s. Back to the past.

2016-06-06 16:16:09
matahari 45 Kolory Lomboku,  Indonesja,  2015
A Pertamina petrol station, Sumbawa Island, 100 km outside the city of Bima. It is raining. Since the beginning of our stay here, we have had the feeling that there is too much rain. Yesterday, we witnessed a spectacle created by flashes of lightning from several big clouds, without any rain or thunders though. Today, (...)


2016-05-27 15:17:22
When in 2010 a special kind of reality fatigue pervaded Europe, and Poland in particular, we were preparing for our first trip to Asia. The world behind the window, which not long ago was dying of longing for everything that was Western, now got locked into studied poses justified by an unshaken imperative of progress, (...)