Opening: 16.12.2011, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 28.10.2011


Marzanna Morozewicz’s works prepared especially for the Biała Gallery are reminiscences of her recent journey around eastern China. The inspiration both for the works and the title of the exhibition were Chinese gardens. The gardens placed inside courtyards were designed in such a way that the windows surrounding them would “open” the sights and images reflecting the vision of their creator to the outside, letting them go beyond the limits set by the architect. In the Far East the design of an inner garden should reflect and harmonize with the elements outside the planned composition. The composition of the garden shall in a way “borrow the sight” from behind the wall surrounding the greenery. Another aspect of the tradition of the Chinese gardens reflected in Morozewicz’s exhibition is their symbolism with their form reflecting the essence of the world. (…)

The works gathered at the exhibition present meanings “borrowed” mostly from Morozewicz’s biography. They represent the author’s journey “inside herself”, her thoughts on the passing of time, transitory nature of human life and underline the importance of spirituality. The series of borrowed sights, in which the author expressed herself using diverse media such as painting, installation, artistic object and fabric, could be more precisely described as indirect sights that bring back the artist’s memories of moments, images, places, her loved ones or a general view on the both earthly and eternal matters. The indirect sights, as opposed to the “direct”, “concrete” ways of expressing herself through her works are ambiguous and thus very intriguing. Some of the borrowed sights are blurred and seem to be hidden behind a veil. At times, especially in the case of the paintings, they get disconnected from the meaning they carry and become a colourful abstraction. (…)

Michał Jachuła (tr. Magdalena Gładysz)