Anna-Maria Kaczmarska Someone has eaten from my bowl

Opening: 17.12.2010, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 14.01.2011


This is the second time Kaczmarska’s work is presented at the Biała Gallery and yet again the artists picks up a 16mm camera to film human drama against the background of some heavy architecture. The film, shot in colour, refers to the “remembrance” of Wrocław and the areas around Wałbrzych. This time the ghost that has been appearing there is personified by a female character. For some time the figure, filmed only from behind, wanders around the city only to vanish behind a wide dry tree, a symbol of nature. We see her later somewhere else for a little while, but she disappears again cut out by the editor. The feminine figure personifies remembrance and the desire to escape the spirit of the past that keeps haunting us. A rhyme (which has the same title as Kaczmarska’s work) is recited in order to wake the old Zeitgeist that is still wandering around these areas. Recited in German to the accompaniment of a music box, it becomes like a magic spell and creates a peculiar music score of the film.

Anna-Maria Kaczmarska (born 1981) in 2005 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Painting, the studio of Zbigniew Sałaj and Grzegorz Sztwiertnia. She works in the field of photography and video. She is also a stage and costume designer for theatre and film productions.