ende neu


Opening: 12.04.2013, opening hour: 18:00

monika zawadzki

Within the continuation of the ende neu project, we would like to invite you to Monika Zawadzki’s exhibition entitled Two Common Rooms in Biała Gallery in Lublin. The title is a direct reference to the architecture of the exhibition space which has been divided into two neighbouring rooms. For the purpose of the exposition, the rooms have been “appropriated” and redefined. The gallery space, although considerably large, is transformed into a “cramped” two-bedroom flat.

In Zawadzki’s works, a place to live is not people-friendly. The effect of closure is a synonym of the dehumanizing “tightness” typical of contemporary urban agglomeration. In such oppressive architecture, not only a human image gets deformed. “Deformation” illustrated at the exhibition is a symbolic representation of a wider problem related with a social tendency to “format” a human being. This concerns all levels of the human existence. In such environment atavistic interpersonal relations are developed. In order to more explicitly show the nature of extreme social attitudes stemming from the need of domination or exclusion, Zawadzki created an archetypal, iconic language. Murals (in situ) depicting oppressive relations within communities take us back to the common cave.