Opening: 3.02.2017, opening hour: 18.00

Open until: 3.03.2014, opening hours: Mon.-Sat. 12.00-18.00


The exhibition by Dawid Ryski presented at the Biała Gallery is titled 1982, which refers not only to the year in which the artist was born, but also to the interests of the generation that shaped him as well as to the number of all the works he has created and the projects he has been involved in so far. This is Ryski’s first such a large solo exhibition, where we can see the broad spectrum of his oeuvre, ranging from posters, covers of albums, magazines and books, through press illustrations, gadgets, T-shirt and skateboard prints, to monumental murals.

Dawid Ryski (b. in 1982 in Starachowice) – a drawing artist, graphic designer, illustrator and musician. Also known as Talkseek. Graduated from landscape architecture. Together with his wife, Anula Ryska, he forms a drawing collective Pinata Unique. Drummer in bands The Feral Trees and Hidden World. Participant of a number of group exhibitions and design festivals. He has had several solo exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. Lives and works in Puławy.

The artist’s websites: dawidryski.pl, talkseek.com